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The Floating Piers

Have you ever wished you could walk on water like Jesus?

The international artist Christo has given you the possibility to do exactly that on Lago d’Iseo between June 18th and July 3rd.

It is a magical and overwhelming experience; the movement of the water transmits all its energy to your body through the particular material used to cover these floating piers, therefore you should do this walk without shoes.

The installation starts from the mainland at Sulzano, following the same material of the piers, walk through Monte Isola and end up in Isola di San Paolo; the entire walk is 3 kilometers or 2 miles.

All is orange on Lago d'Iseo these days laugh

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Michelangelo's secret room

Did you know that Michelangelo had a secret room inside Florence Cappelle Medicee?

It was just 2x7 meters with one window; here he have create a lot of drawings on his old works and new projects, all of them were discovered  in 1975 by Paolo del Poggetto during some refurbishment works.

The room is never been open to the public, but now the world can see this amazing secret! In 2020 you'll can see the works that Michelangelo did during his prisonery for surviving at Medici's revenge.