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Our aim is providing an unforgettable religious experience for any international pilgrimage, not only Catholic, but also Protestant.  Target Travel’s Religious Tours department offers all kinds of services in order to meet clients’ expectations and to help organize a perfect pilgrimage.

Clients who have traveled with us can confirm the high standard and value of services we can provide to religious groups. Our experience guarantees the fulfillment of your client’s requests.

Mosaics in Baptistery of St. John in Firence

Edification of the

Santiago Cathedral

One of our special new opportunities is religious and spiritual hiking, walking along historic pilgrimage routes such as the Via Francigena, the route of St Francis, or the Camino de Santiago.  These experiences are available either for groups or for individual travelers on a quest for self-discovery.

Scale papali ai musei Vaticani
Prete in Assisi
Città del Vaticano

We can arrange private or public mass for your groups in every city in Europe. Your priest will be able to celebrate a private mass for the group or he will have the pleasure of working together with a local priest.

We can book special religious ceremonies such as Christmas Eve’s mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome or a Papal Audience in St. Peter’s Square. We can also arrange for very special accommodations in monasteries and convents where groups and F.I.T. can experience a monk’s way of life.

Tour managers, specialized in religious themes, are available and highly informative about the various places and monuments to be visited.

San Francesco


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