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The Pizza Napoletana is now Unesco Intangible Heritage

During wednesday night, the Neapolitan Pizza is become Unesco Intangible Heritage, finally!

The petition for this acknowledgement started in 2014 with Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio during Napoli Pizza Village (the biggest people's festival in Europe).

During these years the creators of Napoli Pizza Village, have believed in this adventure and they have had a lot of unexpected satisfactions.

Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci (creators of Napoli Pizza Village) hope to organized a huge party with all Naples for celebrate this historical event.

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Michelangelo's secret room

Did you know that Michelangelo had a secret room inside Florence Cappelle Medicee?

It was just 2x7 meters with one window; here he have create a lot of drawings on his old works and new projects, all of them were discovered  in 1975 by Paolo del Poggetto during some refurbishment works.

The room is never been open to the public, but now the world can see this amazing secret! In 2020 you'll can see the works that Michelangelo did during his prisonery for surviving at Medici's revenge.