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Rocchetta Mattei Castle

It is one of the most beautiful castle in Italy, a mixed style of  Moorish and Medieval, reach of colours and magic.

The brilliant man of science Cesare Mattei, wished to build it in 1850 and was completed in 9 years; inside he wanted a particular room, the "hall of 90", to celebrate his 90th birthday but unfortunately he died 30 years before this celebration.

After Mattei's death, the family sold the build to a merchant that was called "Il Mercantone", he added some unreal pieces to the castle and used it for turism. Fortunately in 2005 an Italian Bank Foundation bought it and started a huge refurbishment that at the moment is just at a 2/3 of the total works.

You can visit is in Grizzana Morandi near Bologna (Emilia Romagna), all year around.

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A Friday lunch in our office

On Friday we usually have lunch together, last week we have choose the delicious Stinger's club sandwich! Is an hystorical local pub near our office that cook this amazing club sandwiches with all the taste you desire, they are so good! Wich type of food we will choose this week? It will be a surprise :D