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The Venetian Carnival "taglia la testa al toro"

Today Thursday 23rd of February, the Venetian Carnival enter in "fase grassa" (fat stage) with the "Taglio della testa del Toro" (cut of bull's head).

This event is a memory of what appened in the 1162 Giovedì Grasso, year in wich was celebrated the victory of Doge Vitale Michiel II on Patriarch Ulrico di Aquileia with the 12 Rebel Lords.

After this event, the Patriarch's successors had to send to the Doge a present of 12 breads and 12 fat pigs. The Patriarch-bull and the Lord-pigs were deride in the public square with a particular ceremony, the top event of this ritual is the cut of the bull's head.

This is the birth of the Venetian proverb "Tagiar la testa al toro", it mean closing the matter or have a rapid solution, immediate but hard. The animals were slaughtered and cooked and its meat were eated during the banquets.

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Michelangelo's secret room

Did you know that Michelangelo had a secret room inside Florence Cappelle Medicee?

It was just 2x7 meters with one window; here he have create a lot of drawings on his old works and new projects, all of them were discovered  in 1975 by Paolo del Poggetto during some refurbishment works.

The room is never been open to the public, but now the world can see this amazing secret! In 2020 you'll can see the works that Michelangelo did during his prisonery for surviving at Medici's revenge.