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The Venice Glass Week

This is the year of the first Venice Glass Week edition; from 10th to 17th September there will be a total of 140 events regarding Venetian glass: university, furnaces, museums, foundations and much more.
There will be varied initiatives, the most free, like parties, exibitions, open fournaces or seminars; you can find the complete program in the website.
During this week you can see the glass world in all its aspects like Anamorphic Glass – Oliviero Zane:
The work realized by Oliviero Zane is made up of two concepts: the optical illusion and the magic of glass. The anamorphosis of the work and its realization, according to Tiffany’s technique, is made possible thanks to technology. The Artist created an installation that interacts with the public through a unique and predetermined visual, realizing an amazing and realistic representation.
The work, with its optical illusion, projects an image over a flat surface in a distorted way, making the original subject recognizable only by looking at the image from a fixed point.
Louis Comfort Tiffany (New York, February 18, 1848 – New York, January 17, 1933) was an American artist and designer. He is famous for his Art Nouveau works, mosaics of tin bonded glass, the so-called Tiffany’s glass. He was also a painter who created jewelry and furnishing items as well.
(Citing Wikipedia: The Anamorphosis is a distorted projection where the image becomes an original subject recognizable only by looking at the image in a specific position. (text from www.theveniceglassweek.com)

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