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Amalfi Coast

The fascinating Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful and famous of all Italian locations, rich with small towns and villages and full of nature and wonderful views.

Here we have tasted the best lemons of our entire lives smiley They were so sweet and flavorful…

The Floating Piers

Have you ever wished you could walk on water like Jesus?

The international artist Christo has given you the possibility to do exactly that on Lago d’Iseo between June 18th and July 3rd.

It is a magical and overwhelming experience; the movement of the water transmits all its energy to your body through the particular material used to cover these floating piers, therefore you should do this walk without shoes.

Discover Venice

Have you ever tried to lose your way through Venice?

Every corner has a story and every sculpture has something to tell you.

We spent an entire a day walking through this historical city, searching for those things that the normal tours don’t show you, and we found a lot of inspiration for new itineraries and walking tours.
You could see Venice with everybody else, but we can show you the little known corners of this city and its ancient history.