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A Friday lunch in our office

On Friday we usually have lunch together, last week we have choose the delicious Stinger's club sandwich! Is an hystorical local pub near our office that cook this amazing club sandwiches with all the taste you desire, they are so good! Wich type of food we will choose this week? It will be a surprise :D

Michelangelo's secret room

Did you know that Michelangelo had a secret room inside Florence Cappelle Medicee?

It was just 2x7 meters with one window; here he have create a lot of drawings on his old works and new projects, all of them were discovered  in 1975 by Paolo del Poggetto during some refurbishment works.

The room is never been open to the public, but now the world can see this amazing secret! In 2020 you'll can see the works that Michelangelo did during his prisonery for surviving at Medici's revenge.

The Pizza Napoletana is now Unesco Intangible Heritage

During wednesday night, the Neapolitan Pizza is become Unesco Intangible Heritage, finally!

The petition for this acknowledgement started in 2014 with Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio during Napoli Pizza Village (the biggest people's festival in Europe).

During these years the creators of Napoli Pizza Village, have believed in this adventure and they have had a lot of unexpected satisfactions.

Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci (creators of Napoli Pizza Village) hope to organized a huge party with all Naples for celebrate this historical event.

Sarmede "the fairy tale's town"

This is the 30th anniversary of this festival, there will be 80 events of street art and theatre from October 8th to February 11th.

"Le Fiere del Teatro" (theatre's fairs) will start the festival with a double appointment sunday 8 and 15 October; 50 companies from 20 different nations will performe for a total of 100 different shows each sunday, everywhere in the city!

The Venice Glass Week

This is the year of the first Venice Glass Week edition; from 10th to 17th September there will be a total of 140 events regarding Venetian glass: university, furnaces, museums, foundations and much more.
There will be varied initiatives, the most free, like parties, exibitions, open fournaces or seminars; you can find the complete program in the website.
During this week you can see the glass world in all its aspects like Anamorphic Glass – Oliviero Zane:

Cervara Benedictine Abbey - Liguria

Cervara combines reality with imagination, and history with legend; a rare concentrate of wonders similar to that kept in the Benedictine Abbey, is hard to find.

The structure includes the church of San Girolamo, a beautiful quadrangular cloister, a watchtower built to guard the area from attacks, a wonderful Italian monumental garden overlooking the sea and a beautiful botanical garden filled with the scents of Florentine lemon trees and Chinese mandarin oranges.

Rocchetta Mattei Castle

It is one of the most beautiful castle in Italy, a mixed style of  Moorish and Medieval, reach of colours and magic.

The brilliant man of science Cesare Mattei, wished to build it in 1850 and was completed in 9 years; inside he wanted a particular room, the "hall of 90", to celebrate his 90th birthday but unfortunately he died 30 years before this celebration.